1979 Faculty Strike

Maslyn25 years ago from September 5th to the 19th, 1979 the University of Rhode Island Chapter of the American Association of University Professors went on a strike to protest the Board of Regents 7% pay increase proposal that the AAUP argued was not reflective of pay rates across Rhode Island. Contract negotiations between the Board of Regents and the AAUP began in earnest in January and it was clear that the lengthy negotiations were at an impasse by August. On August 6th a meeting was held to authorize a strike if no further progress was made and on September 5th students returned to find their professors on the picket lines. Classes were not held during the strike and students held protests of their own. An injunction was filed against the strike on the 19th . On Thursday morning of the 20th the announcement of settlement was made and the strike ended. A 7.22% increase was negotiated for the first year with an 8.67% increase in the next year. The professors and University administration continued to wrangle over the pay withheld during the strike well into the next year.