Promotion & Tenure Workshop

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, 1-4PM
Galanti Lounge, University Library, Kingston
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Join URI/AAUP Executive Director Jay Walsh, President Parlange, Provost Wolfe, Vice Provost  Bodah, and Dean Kirby in a discussion of the process of promotion and tenure. In addition,  faculty who have been recently promoted and/or tenured will share their experience with the  process and the techniques and strategies they found successful. The complete program is as  follows.  

Greetings & Introductions 
Jay Walsh, URI/AAUP Executive Director 

Perspectives of the President & Provost 
Marc Parlange, President 
Barbara Wolfe, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Dean’s Perspective 
John Kirby, College of the Environment & Life Sciences 

Department Chair’s Perspective 
Mark Robbins, Professor, Psychology 

Faculty Perspective 
Nisanne Ghonem, Associate Professor, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences Dawn Cardace, Professor, Geosciences 

Question & Answers 
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel Matthew Bodah and Executive Director Walsh will end the  program by answering any additional questions you have.